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Long Reach Thread Mills

Long Reach Thread Mills have three teeth and a helical flute that provide reduced side cutting pressure. The first tooth roughs, the second and third finish. This allows for the efficient cutting of extremely deep threads in small sizes. These tools cut internal threads only Thread Mills cut a thread using helical interpolation. Helical interpolation…

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Lathe Tools

A short summary demonstrating the variety of lathe tools we offer is as follows: Holders Single Point Tool Holders: These tools come in two varieties: QHC holders have two flats on the O.D., two coolant holes, four set screws and can be used with or without the back stop while DHF holders have two set…

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New: Coolant Through Straight Flute Thread Mills

SCT stocks UN thread mills for cutting from 4-40 up to 3-1/2-8, as well as NPT, BSPP, and BSPT 1/16 to 2 ½ and up. All of our solid carbide straight flute thread mills, except for staggered tooth thread mills, are crest-cutting and are used for cutting internal threads only. Engineered for high performance, these…

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