2018 - 2019 New Products


Scientific Cutting Tools proudly celebrates over 55 years as a cutting tool manufacturer with several new product offerings. Learn more about the new high performance chamfer mills, IS06149 port tool, single point EXJ thread mills, and redesigned cavity tools below.

View the new catalog 2019 here or request a print catalog.

High Performance Helical Chamfer Mills

The high performance helical chamfer mills are significantly freer cutting and leave a smoother finish than the standard straight flute alternatives. The variable helical flute design provides high sheer, reduced side cutting pressure, and improved chip evacuation, thus achieving extremely high performance. The 3 flute design is ideal for softer materials while the 5 flute design performs well in harder materials. Sizes range from 1/8” to ¾” cutter diameters, and come in 60, 90, and 120 degree included angle configurations. The front of the tool is ground flat and the tip diameter is held to + or – 0.002 inch tolerance to provide ease of set-up and accuracy in programming. The small tip diameters allow for maximum machining flexibility.

ISO6149-1 Port Tool with Large Spot Face

Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new tool to their ISO metric port tool lineup. The new addition is a complement to the existing ISO-6149 port tool series with no identification notch and a larger spot face. Previously, we offered the ISO-6149 port tools in 2 distinct configurations. One version featured a small spot face diameter per the ISO-6149 specification without the identification notch and the other featured a larger spot face with an identification notch. The latest edition was created due to growing demand, as customer requests in the field consistently desired a port tool without the ID notch, but with the larger spot face diameter. The port tools meet both ISO6149-1 and SAEJ2244-1 requirements.

External Single Point Thread Mills (SPTM EXJ)

The SPTM EXJ is a highly economical tool engineered for cutting external threads. The tool features a single thread profile that is ideal for keeping side-cutting pressure low. The non-crest cutting design allows maximum flexibility for plated and non-standard threads. SPTM EXJ tools will cut any size external thread of the same pitch. It is precision ground for maximum concentricity. SPTM tools are a popular choice with options that include Acme, stub Acme, UN, UNJ, and metric systems. All SPTM tools are made from premium submicron

Redesigned Coolant Through Cavity Tools

Our tools for the machining of valve body manifolds are newly redesigned for optimum performance. Each tool is made to the manufacturer’s specifications and enhanced for increased speeds and feeds, longer time in the cut, and increased tool life. Through research, it was determined that placing coolant holes aimed directly at critical areas of the form could greatly enhance tool performance. SCT coolant-through cavity tools are offered in both roughing and finishing geometries. On most 2, 3, and 4 way cavity tools, 8 holes are placed to ensure maximum coolant delivery to the key cutting areas. View the newest cavity tool, the Eaton Vickers line, here. SCT also added brand new Sun Hydraulic roughers.