Scientific Cutting Tool’s ACME thread mills are made to cut general purpose ACME and Stub ACME threads. We offer single profile thread mills to cut internal and external threads. Because of the coarseness of these threads and the low flank angles of the thread profile, ACME thread milling is not possible without corrections to the form on the cutting tool. SCT’s tools are designed with these corrections so that the threads will gauge properly.
Additionally, we offer ACME and Stub ACME threading tools which are elliptically ground to provide maximum strength and come with polished flute faces for optimum performance. Both sets of threading tools are available from size ¼-16 on up to 1.0-5 and higher. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time for modified sizes.

For more information on ACME and Stub ACME tools or to request a catalog please visit the resources page or call Todd White at 805-584-9495.