Advanced Cutting Materials

Scientific Cutting Tools offers two iterations of specialized cutting materials: CBN Tipped Inserts and PCD Tipped Inserts.  All CBN and PCD tipped boring bars have premium submicron carbide bodies and a precision ground flat. The minimum bore options for both start as small as 0.120. Both the inserts and the bars are stocked for quick delivery.

Our CBN inserts are excellent for continuous cutting of a wide range of hardened steels, powdered metals, cast irons, super alloys, and hard ferrous materials -45Rc plus. The insert tips are precision ground with hones for maximum tool life. It is essential to remember not to use coolant in your applications with CBN tips because that will cause thermal cracking. The depth of cut for any application using a CBN tip should not exceed 30% of the tool’s tip length. To avoid chatter which may cause chipping or breakage, make sure the machine and setup is rigid and solid and do not stop the machine while the tool is in cut.

Our PCD tipped inserts are ideal for non-ferrous materials. Coolant works well with PCD tipped inserts and can actually reduce heat and improve surface finish. When using a PCD insert for your application, the depth of cut should not exceed 70% of the PCD tip length. As with the CBN inserts, it is imperative to ensure that the machine and setup is rigid and solid before machining so as to avoid chatter which can cause chipping. Do not stop the machine with the tool mid-cut because this can cause tool breakage.

For more information about our CBN and PCD inserts, feel free to give us a call at 805-584-9495.