New AS5202 and SAE J1926 Tools to Replace MS16142 and MS33649 Port Tools

AS5202 Replaces MS33649 and SAE J1926 Replaces MS16142

Scientific Cutting Tools is in the process of changing the MS16142 and MS33649 port tools. Moving forward, MS33649 tools will be phased out and replaced with AS5202 port tools and MS16142 tools will be replaced with SAE J1926 port tools. Please refer to the new product pages as the order numbers and EDP numbers have changed.

View/Download Full Crossover Chart PDF with New Product Pages Here

SAE J1926 Product Pages: 

AS5202 Product Pages: 

The cutting dimensions remain the same except for the number of flutes on larger sizes. Previously, the larger-sized tools had 4 or 5 flutes. All SAE J1926 and AS5202 port tools now have 3 flutes

SCT constantly strives to offer the best tools on the market and have found the following benefits favorable for switching to 3 flutes:

  • The tools are less likely to chatter with three flutes which typically results in better finishes to the critical sealing surfaces.
  • It requires less horsepower. This is important and ideal for today’s smaller-sized machines like drill mills.
  • Three-fluted port tools have a larger flute pocket to facilitate better chip evacuation which also gives better surface finishes.

The tools in stock with the old part numbers will be phased out once the stock is depleted.

This following smaller sizes are no longer available with old part numbers:

MS16142-2         MS16142-3           MS16142-4
MS33649-1         MS33649-2         MS33649-3

The smaller sizes were already 3 flute and have been converted to the new part number. If stock with an old part number is unavailable, please switch to the AS5202 and SAE J1926 part numbers for prompt deliveries.

Thank you for your support. We are available during business hours by phone (800) 383-2244 or email to answer any questions you may have about the changes.

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MS16142 to SAE J1926 Crossover List

MS33649 to AS5202 Crossover Chart