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Product Announcement: SPTM EXJ

August 24, 2017

Scientific Cutting Tools has expanded the Single Profile Thread Mills (SPTM) line of products with brand new SPTM EXJ tools. Prior to this release, UN SPTM styles only cut internal UNJ threads. This new tool provides an external UNJ thread cutting option. The SPTM EXJ is a great economical tool engineered for cutting external threads. The tool features a single…

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The CRT Qualified System

June 20, 2017

Use the CRT holder in conjunction with our qualified boring bars and/or qualified threading tools for quick change machining at optimal performance levels (The CRT System). Our BQ series of qualified boring bars offers dozens of sizes with overall length tolerances of ± 0.001 inch and overall diameter tolerances of ± 0.0005 inch. SCT also offers a line of qualified threading tools,…

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April 7, 2017

Scientific Cutting Tool’s ACME thread mills are made to cut general purpose ACME and Stub ACME threads. We offer single profile thread mills to cut internal and external threads. Because of the coarseness of these threads and the low flank angles of the thread profile, ACME thread milling is not possible without corrections to the…

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It Takes Two: Port tools & Thread Mills

February 24, 2017

When machining a port, it is necessary to cut a thread as well. The port finishes the hole whereas the thread must be created using a TAP or a thread mill. Thread mills are particularly effective for creating a thread close to the bottom of a blind hole, unlike TAPS which tend to create imperfect and…

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Cavity Tools

January 30, 2017

SCT’s cavity tools are used for the manufacturing of valve body manifolds. Our line includes tools for Sun Cavity, Parker, Eaton Vickers, and Hydraforce specifications. They can be used in both lathe and mill applications. These tools are ground between centers for maximum concentricity and are made from premium heat-treated steel and brazed submicron carbide…

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Advanced Cutting Materials

November 21, 2016

Scientific Cutting Tools offers two iterations of specialized cutting materials: CBN Tipped Inserts and PCD Tipped Inserts.  All CBN and PCD tipped boring bars have premium submicron carbide bodies and a precision ground flat. The minimum bore options for both start as small as 0.120. Both the inserts and the bars are stocked for quick…

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IMTS 2016

September 28, 2016

This past IMTS was an exceptional show for Scientific Cutting Tools. With more than 2,407 exhibitors and 115, 612 registered attendees, the 2016 show was the best attended in IMTS history and SCT got more leads from this year’s show than ever before. The debut of our new CRT (Coolant Ring Technology) system was extremely…

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Indexable Tooling

September 2, 2016

Scientific Cutting Tools stocks their own line of indexable boring bars! We offer boring bars with two different types of inserts: triangle shaped and diamond shaped. The screws are the same for both types of inserts, making it easy to replace lost hardware without confusion. We also offer both chip control and non-chip control inserts.…

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Bringing Coating In-house

July 7, 2016

Scientific Cutting Tools now has the capability of coating our cutting tools on our physical premises. As part of our commitment to our customers, we are always seeking new and innovative ways to improve our processes and reduce our turnaround time. With our new coating machine from Platit we increase our efficiency and versatility with…

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CRT Holders

May 25, 2016

Scientific Cutting Tools is now offering Coolant Ring Technology Holders! Our CRT Holders are made from high quality heat treated steel and come with a black oxide coating. They are engineered to allow for better coolant penetration deep into the bore, reducing temperature at the cutting edge. The overhang of the tools used with the…

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