New: Coolant Through Straight Flute Thread Mills

SCT stocks UN thread mills for cutting from 4-40 up to 3-1/2-8, as well as NPT, BSPP, and BSPT 1/16 to 2 ½ and up. All of our solid carbide straight flute thread mills, except for staggered tooth thread mills, are crest-cutting and are used for cutting internal threads only. Engineered for high performance, these tools are both economical and long-lasting.

Thread mills cut a thread using helical interpolation. This involves moving three axes simultaneously: the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axes move in a circular motion while the ‘Z’ axis moves in a linear motion, allowing the thread mill to cut both right and left hand threads and to produce a variety of thread sizes of the same pitch. All of our straight flute thread mills are made from premium sub-micron carbide on state-of-the-art CNC tool and cutter grinders and are stocked with or without ALTiN coating. Programming assistance is available upon purchase.