New Video: Multi-Operational Drill Mills

Click to play the video below:

The brand new drill mill video showcases the power and versatility of the tool.

Drill mills are designed for milling, chamfering, and light spotting applications. Despite the word ‘drill’ in the name, it is not recommended for drilling. The name is conceived from the common industry standard for the tool. Cutting diameter sizes range from 1/8” to 1/2”. Included angle options are 90° or 120°. The two-flute design is optimal when chip evacuation and increased chip-per-tooth are the priority. For harder materials, the fortified strength of the four-flute design performs best and allows for increased feed rates in hard materials. Items are stocked uncoated or AlTiN coated. AlTiN coating is highly recommended for longevity and high-speed applications.

Drill mills are the newest addition to the specialty tool group. Helical chamfer mills were introduced in late 2018 followed by spotting drills in 2020. Both tools are significantly superior at their singular tasks, however, the drill mills have the advantage of performing both operations as well as general milling. The utility and diversity of the drill mill functions provide flexibility and enhanced productivity in one outstanding tool.