Product Announcement: SPTM EXJ

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 3.36.38 PM
Scientific Cutting Tools has expanded the Single Profile Thread Mills (SPTM) line of products with brand new SPTM EXJ tools. Prior to this release, UN SPTM styles only cut internal UNJ threads. This new tool provides an external UNJ thread cutting option.

The SPTM EXJ is a great economical tool engineered for cutting external threads. The tool features a single thread profile that is ideal for keeping side-cutting pressure low. The non-crest cutting design allows maximum flexibility for plated and non-standard threads. SPTM EXJ tools will cut any size external thread of the pitch listed. It is precision ground for maximum concentricity.

SPTM tools are a popular choice with options that include Acme, stub Acme, UN, and metric systems. All SPTM tools are made from premium submicron grade carbide and are available uncoated or with AlTiN coating. SCT highly recommends AlTiN coating for extended tool life and higher cutting speeds – especially for steel applications.