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Single Point Tools


DH / DHF Holders

DH Holders have two set screws and no flats. DHF Holders have two set screws and a flat.

QHC Holders

QHC Holders have two flats on the shank, two coolant holes, and four set screws. QHC Holders can be used with a Back Stop. Available in Inch and Metric.

CRT Holders

CRT Holders are made with heat-treated steel, feature two lock-down screws for max rigidity, and have coolant flow that surrounds the tool for maximum cooling.

Single Point Tools

All single point tools are designed for internal machining on a lathe. The helical boring bars can be used for both lathe and mill applications. All cutting tools are made from premium submicron carbide and are stocked with and without an ALTiN+ coating.

Mini Boring Bars

Mini Boring Bars come in a range of diameters from 0.015 to 0.045 inch. They are fluted for maximum strength.

Radial Relief Boring Bars

Radial Relief Boring Bars have a radial relief behind the cutting edge that provides for a strong cutting edge.

Boring Bars

Boring Bars range in diameter from 0.050 to 0.490 inch and many different bore depths to achieve max rigidity.

Qualified Boring Bars

Qualified Boring Bars have an overall length that is qualified to ± 0.001 and a minimum bore diameter that is qualified to ± 0.0005.

Radius Boring Bars

Radius Boring Bars feature a corner radius that provides an improved surface finish.

Left-Handed Boring Bars

Left-Handed Boring Bars range in diameter from 0.050 to 0.490 inch and many different bore depths to achieve max rigidity.

Diamond Tipped Boring Bars

PCD-Tipped Boring Bars are for cutting abrasive non-ferrous materials. CBN-Tipped Boring Bars are for cutting ferrous metal over 45 RC.

Helical Boring Bars

Helical Boring Bars have a helical flute that produces less side cutting pressure, ideal for the cutting of unfavorable length-to-diameter ratios.

Back Chamfer Boring Bars

Back Chamfer Boring Bars are designed to bore, cut a chamfer at the end of a hole, and cut thread reliefs.

Profile Boring Bars

Profile Boring Bars are ideal tools for internal profiling on CNC lathes.

Face Groove Tools

Face Groove Tools cut a groove in the face of the part.

Undercut Groove Tools

Undercut Groove Tools come with and without a radius. The radius style can be used as a profile tool.

Groove Tools - Retaining Ring

Retaining Ring Groove Tools cut an internal groove with straight edges.

Groove Tools - Full Radius

Full Radius Groove Tools cut an internal groove with straight edges and a full radius.

O-Ring Groove Tools

O-Ring Groove Tools are ideal for machining a groove with tapered sides.

Thread Tools

Threading Tools come in many different sizes. This facilitates selecting the tool with maximum rigidity.

Thread Tools Qualified

Thread Tools Qualified have a positive top rake on the flute and a qualified length to facilitate quick tool changes.

Acme Threading Tools

Acme Threading Tools come with both acme and stub acme profiles.

MS33514-BT Bore Tool

The MS33514 bore tool is designed for use on a CNC turning center, to cut the internal flare feature on MS33514 fittings.  The tool cuts the “D” diameter, the internal radii and the 75 degree angle.  A plug gage is necessary to make this part when using this tool.