CRT Holder Information


CRT Holder Information

To remove stop

Turn locking screw, with a 3/32 hex key, 1/2 turn counter clockwise. Do not turn locking screw more than one turn or remove locking screw.

To insert adjustable stop into the holder

Turn locking screw clockwise until it bottoms out, do not over tighten. Turn locking screw counter clockwise one turn. Line up the locking pin with the keyway in the holder and slide the stop into the holder. Turn the locking screw clockwise until the locking pin bottoms against the keyway.

To set the stop location

Insert a tool into the holder at the desired length of overhang and tighten the tool lock down screw. Slide the stop in the holder until it comes into contact with the back of the tool and tighten the locking screw. Now all other tools will repeat to the same overhang.

If the locking pin is removed from the stop, insert the locking pin into the stop with the countersink facing the locking screw and the long side to the outside of the stop.  When the screw is tightened the pin should rise up out of the hole.  Snug the locking screw and back off one turn. Now the stop can be inserted into the holder.