Scientific Cutting Tools Expands Comprehensive SPTM Line

The SPTM (Single Profile Thread Mill) product line by Scientific Cutting Tools is remarkably versatile and economic with expanded offerings to cover many applications. The range includes: UN, Metric, Acme, Stub Acme, Internal, External (EXJ), Long Body, and Extra Long body. It features a single thread profile that is ideal for keeping side-cutting pressure low. The non-crest cutting design allows maximum flexibility for plated and non-standard threads. SPTM internal tools will cut any larger size internal thread of the pitch listed. It is precision ground for maximum concentricity. All tools are available uncoated or with AlTiN coating.

Recently expanded, the SPTM range now includes more tool sizes and lengths. The additional sizes include #5 and 7/16 for UN standards as well as larger M3 and M11 sizes for Metric. The new extra long (XL) lengths were created for deeper threads. It is available in both UN and Metric. The newer SPTM EXJ allows one to use an SPTM cutter for external UNJ threads. It will cut any size external UNJ thread of the pitch listed. The external tools meet the standards of MIL-SPEC 8879 and AS8879. Metric SPTM can mill M1.2 to M30+ with just 19 varieties. UN thread mills can mill fine and course threads from #00 to 1 ¼ + with just 21 varieties. Scientific Cutting Tools Acme and Stub Acme SPTM are available for 2G and 3G fit-class threads and include internal or external offerings. Beyond the standard selection, special SPTM tools can be quoted upon request.