Thread Mill Troubleshooting


Thread milling tools form a thread using a motion referred to as "helical interpolation". This process involves the machine simultaneously moving all three axes. The resulting motions are circular and axial. The "X" and "Y" axes move circular and the "Z" in an axial direction per 360°  at a distance equal to the pitch of the thread being machined. The tool should "ramp in" over 90° in order to avoid breakage. This must be a helical move. Move "Z" axially by pitch ÷ 4 since 90° is 360° ÷ 4.

Bottom-to-top climb cutting machining is recommended when machining a right-hand thread. This will avoid re-cutting any chips. For left-hand threading, a top-to-bottom machining with a right-hand helical tool is the preferred method. Refer to troubleshooting chart above for solutions to potential thread milling problems.