The Indexable Boring Range

Scientific Cutting Tools manufactures and stocks indexable boring bars with and without coolant-through holes, and with and without flats. It can be ordered for left-hand or right-hand operation. The bars fit either triangle or diamond-shaped inserts that range from a .220 bore to a .560 and up minimum bore. The screws are the same for both types of insert shapes, making it easy to replace lost hardware without confusion.

We offer both chip control and non-chip control inserts. Both of our premium inserts, PCD-tipped and CBN-tipped, are for applications where accelerated flank wear is an issue. PCD tipped inserts are used for very abrasive non-ferrous metals while CBN tipped inserts are ideal for hard materials above 45 RC and some cast irons.

Chip control inserts by Scientific Cutting Tools are created with an innovative process for producing the chip groove. It does not put the tangent point of the radius below the centerline. In most applications, the finish is good enough to not require a secondary operation, which is a great productivity advantage. The grooves are ground, not pressed like most competitors, and therefore provide better consistency.  Chip control inserts break up the chips that accrue when machining a part; protecting the tool from breakage.

In most applications, the 60° triangle-shaped insert is sufficient. Applications with interrupted cuts, however, might require a stronger corner. SCT offers diamond-shaped inserts with stronger 80° corners for this purpose.

Indexable step bars are both convenient and efficient because it removes the need for a sleeve or bushing in set-up.  It is often used for an adjustable boring head and has a standard half-inch steel shank. By removing the need for additional pieces, the solid-pieced step bar achieves greater rigidity and more accuracy in set-up and performance. The flats on the shank make aligning the cutting edge to the centerline effortless. SCT offers a step bar in three sizes: for 3/16” diamond-shaped inserts, for ¼” triangle-shaped inserts, and for 5/16” triangle-shaped inserts. Step bars are right-hand only.

For more information about our indexable inserts, check out the indexable section of our catalog.