Thread Mill Resources

Thread mills are one of the most popular tool groups at Scientific Cutting Tools. Our website is full of resources to help you with everything from locating the correct thread mill for a given thread size to generating code that can be emailed, downloaded, or output to screen.

Find the Right Tool with Our Locator Chart

The thread mill locator was designed to help you select the proper thread mill for a given thread size. You can download a locator chart PDF to reference offline or view it online in the Technical Data section of the Scientific Cutting Tools website.

 Save Time with Our Code Generator  

Save time with the easy SCT thread mill code generator. With quick input fields and codes for both ID and OD threads, our generator facilitates ease of programming and allows you to enhance the performance of your thread mills. Designed for Fanuc and Fanuc compatible controls. With built-in features to email code, download in a text file, or output to screen, we make it easy to get your code where you need it, fast and simple.

Modifications are Available

  • Most thread mill modifications have a turnaround time of 3 days or less
  • Modified thread mills are optimized for your task
  • You can reduce the length-of-cut to increase strength
  • You can add a relief for greater depth of cut
  • You can opt to resharpen a thread mill (longer lead time 2-3 weeks)
  • You can re-coat thread mills (longer lead time 2-3 weeks)

Technical Resources  

View the speed and feed chart and troubleshooting for thread mills. Complimentary programming assistance is available during business hours.