About Scientific Cutting Tools

People Making the Difference

More than 55 years ago, Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc. was established as an innovative tool business based upon the simple marketing concept of providing customers with superior products, competitive prices and uncompromising service. The owners and employees started SCT with a fresh perspective in tool design techniques and an inspired ambition to succeed. SCT entered the tool business with one product, one customer, and one driving goal – to be number one in the cutting tool industry.

Over the years, SCT has developed new tool lines, and refined existing ones. SCT’s aggressive research and development department also has the capability of developing specialized customer tools designed for specific projects. SCT tool designers can also modify existing stock tools to meet individual customer needs.

Although more than 55 years has passed since SCT first opened its doors in Simi Valley, California, the company’s fundamental reasons for being in business have not changed from those that were first established by company founder Stan Christopher. Today’s commitment to quality control, unparalleled craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are the attributes that set the people of Scientific Cutting Tools above the competition.

SCT 17

"Our pride in workmanship assures product superiority every time."

The SCT Guarantee

Adopting a company philosophy of “pride in our people means pride in workmanship,” has proven to be the spark that has ignited Scientific Cutting Tool’s phenomenal growth over the past 55 years. By continually out-pacing the competition, responding to rapidly changing tool design technology, and meeting customer demand for high quality, precision cutting, threading, and boring bars, SCT has been able to keep this pledge to its customers:

  • Each tool is 100% guaranteed
  • Exclusive Super-Compressed Sub-Micron Carbide (SCSMC) provides for a tough tool with improved finishes
  • Guaranteed concentricity
  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Care and attention to detail
  • Closely monitored quality control
  • Off-the-shelf-stock for immediate delivery
  • Meet or exceed customer’s design expectations
  • Each tool triple checked before customer receives it
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

SCT has built an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of an extensive line of cutting tools including carbide thread mills both coated and uncoated. Every SCT product is manufactured from Super-Compressed Sub-Micron Carbide (SCSMC) specifications and designed for NC/CNC applications. SCT only purchases SCSMC material because it produces a tough, long-lasting surface that defies chipping, cracking and breaking, assuring precise, quality performance each time an SCT tool is used. While SCSMC material is the most expensive on the market today, SCT’s cutting edge technology in the tool processing industry has allowed the forward-thinking company to produce top-end cutting tools at competitive market prices.